To date, we have completed hundreds of projects for some of the largest enterprise companies across Europe and the United States. Most of our products are developed for our customers on demand. Nevertheless, we have our own products that can be used by all of our customers and are mostly accessible on the web, such as SMS applications.

  1. In the past, we have mostly developed software for the telecom industry. This includes various telephony applications:
    • call centers
    • PBX solutions
    • tele-conferencing
    • Interactive Voice Recognition solutions (IVR)
    • pay-by-phone systems
    • pay-by-sms systems
    • SMS services
  2. Currently, we are more involved in server side systems:
    • payment processors
    • billing systems
    • Document Management Systems (DMS)
    • Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM)
    • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  3. And server-client applications:
    • web service for licensing and trading medias
    • content management system for art collections
    • ticketing tools
    • automatic controlled printing system (PJL, PCL, PS) and letter packing system with OMR – Optical Mark Recognition
    • Single-Sign-On solutions (SSO)