Payment solutions

One of our most recent projects includes complex payment/billing systems for the Swiss market.

  1. Payport – payment platform that can be integrated to a customer's system:
    • telephony payment (PTP)
    • internet payment (PIP)
    • SMS payment (PSP)
  2. PayPay – independent payment system with different subsystems:
    • transaction processor
    • invoice generator with automatic print management and submission to end users
    • automatic payment processor connected to online bank accounts
    • payment control (reminder creator, interaction with collection companies)
    • address search system
    • consumer subscription handler
    • customer care interface (web, telephony, email and other channels)
    • Document Management System (DMS) with web and API access
    • ticketing tool integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
    • administrative web in each subsystem for data management, import, controlling
    • statistic modules (exports and reports in various formats)
    • automatic payout calculator