Web hosting

If you already have your own developed web application or need our assistance in developing one, but don't have enough time or knowledge in how and where to deploy it, we can offer web hosting service on one of the best data centers in the world (Host Europe in Germany, Swisscom data center in Switzerland, …). They are secured in lot of different ways: redundant machines, hard drives, internet providers, electrical power, firewall, anti-virus software. Also, servers in those data centers are in a cloud meaning that your online applications will be available more than 99,9% of the time and that there is only a minimum possibility of any problems.

Our software administrators will take care of your applications and entire system environment which involves monitoring, controlling, upgrading and similar. You can have your own dedicated server for your time-critical applications or use shared servers for your less important applications. Those servers are highly scalable, and if you need any change concerning server configurations such as additional memory (RAM) or speeding up the system with a stronger processor or faster internet connection, our administrators are able to perform this within a very short time without stopping the system which means that your application will be constantly available.