maxcom d.o.o. is a software research & development company from Croatia, specializing in scalable server-side development and high performance, multiuser systems. Founded in 2005 as a sister venture to 'doing GmbH' from Switzerland, maxcom has successfully completed hundreds of projects for some of the largest enterprise companies across Europe.

Our capacity encompasses 10 senior level software engineers, mostly in Croatia and several in Switzerland.

In the past, maxcom’s core business was designing and developing mission critical software for the telecom industry. This includes solutions for processing voice and data calls on special voice boards like Dialogic and Aculab. In addition to this, we produced specialized software made in C, C++, Envox, Asterisk and CT ADE languages, where the entire system consisted of different modules, including server-client applications in Java, end-user and administration web sites in PHP, databases in MySQL and SQL Server. Some of our more high-profile products made for the telecom industry were TV Quiz shows and complex call centers with interactive voice recognition, queuing, rerouting, monitored conferencing, recordings, statistics and many other features, VoIP based applications, etc.

For its clients maxcom has also developed various web and client/server applications such as web shops (e-commerce applications), content and document management systems, social networks, mobile SMS information services (e.g. sport events), bulk SMS applications, SMS voting systems, SMS gateways, GSM module applications, WebPhone client applications with connection to streaming servers like Wowza Media Server, controlled file download servers, etc.

Currently, we are mostly involved in developing server side systems like payment and billing solutions, Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Document management systems (DMS), integration between different subsystems, etc.