Individual Communication Solutions

maxcom is a software research & development company specializing in scalable server-side development and high performance multi-user systems. Since 2005, we have been delivering innovative software products and solutions for a variety of industries with a focus on Telecommunications and Data Management & Processing software. Our flexible team of software engineers and system administrators is able to build customized solutions within a reasonable time based on client requirements and tailored to their needs, and to the highest quality standards.
Innovative Communication Solutions


Our telecommunication solutions are used as stand-alone applications on a client's dedicated closed infrastructure or as services on a cloud-based hosted network. They can be integrated into various existing third-party systems or even into client’s custom built software applications. We have made our own telecommunication platform which gives us the opportunity to develop services tailored to customer requirements.
Customized Data Management Solutions

Data Management & Processing

We have a wide range of specialized solutions developed at the request of our clients and tailored to their needs. Most often they consist of a combination of different data storage and processing systems, digital content, payment systems, information and telecommunication systems. If you already have your own existing solution that you do not want to change, we can integrate only the part you are missing.