The implementation of the CTRouter project is slowly enetring its final phase. Both teams, Croatian and Hungarian, are putting their maximum effort to finalize all initially planned activities.

During our project, the whole world experienced a very unique and unexpected situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Members of our team have been forced to work from home for several months, but fortunately this has not created any major problems or significant delays in the progress of implementation so far.

Several team members also began work on the specifications and design of other solutions that could be created on the CTEngine platform. The main idea is to show the different possibilities of our platform. We think the best possible way to present this is by creating simple demo solutions that we plan to present at our closing events in November 2020 (of course depending on the situation with COVID-19 at the time). To begin, we want to demonstrate simple Web Call Center (WCC) solutions that can be integrated into existing web solutions or can work as new standalone web applications.