Implementation of the project CTRouter under Interreg HU-HR 2014-2020, B Light Programme has started on June 01, 2019. It is organized through totally 5 periods where first four of them have duration of 4-months and a last one has 2-months duration. Today, there are already 2 periods behind us! We are happy that project implementation is going quite well and on time as planned.

In first period our biggest challenge was to make a planning for all the activities, resources, project management and other organizational related tasks. Also, we had to introduce our Hungarian partners with all the tasks they will face during the project implementation. For that reason we have had a lot of discussions together and started with a technical specifications.

In 2nd period which has started on October 01, 2019, main focus was already on continuous development, specification and integration. Hungarian team was mostly focusing on designing, user interface & experience (UI/UX), front-end development and implementation of APIs, while Croatian team was busy with back-end development, creation of APIs and communication protocols – telecommunication (ISDN, SIP, IAX2), HTTPS, WSS, … between different devices on network such as servers, telecom equipment, browser, applications, etc.